Friday, September 24, 2021

  • 24 Sep. David Kunzle on The Rebirth of the English Comic Strip: A Kaleidoscope, 1847-1870. "Author David Kunzle calls this period a “rebirth” because of the preceding long hiatus in use of the new genre, since the Great Age of Caricature (c.1780–c.1820) when the comic strip was practiced as a sideline." (video, 1hr59m)
  • 22 Sep. Rebellion are to publish their first new weekly newsstand comic since the acquisition of 2000AD, and it will be... Monster Fun! "This is a huge deal for us ... it represents a major investment in rebuilding what was once taken for granted here, a thriving newsstand comics industry that supported literacy efforts while also imbuing a love of comics in generations of kids. Right now, graphic novels for children are absolutely booming – and we believe there’s a huge untapped market for good comics for kids. For too long, newsstands have been dominated by tie-in titles with a bit of plastic tat stuck to the front but with little or no decent reading content – we’re aiming to change that."
  • 14 Sep. Simon Furman admits that writing 'The Leopard From Lime Street' for the upcoming Monster Fun Hallowe'en special is a career high.
  • 11 Sep. Interview: Peter Milligan. "We’re bombarded by information and news. But most people — me included — are so stupid we don’t have the brains to process that information. And this makes us unhappy — or at least, more stupid."
  • 11 Sep. Alcohol regulators in North Carolina have banned Flying Dog brewery from selling one of its beers in the state because they have deemed the label "inappropriate" and "in bad taste". The label in question is a cartoon by Ralph Steadman.The Maryland-based brewery is suing the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control.
  • 10 Sep. The Dead Boy Detectives, created by Neil Gaiman, might be coming to TV in their own show. HBO have ordered a pilot, written by Steve Yockey, and produced by Jeremy Carver and Berlanti Productions for Warner Bros Television. The two characters are shortly to appear in the third season of Doom Patrol on HBO, but the two actors (Sebastian Croft and Ty Tennant) are not connected (so far) with the pilot.


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