Thursday, August 05, 2021

Commando 5459-5462

Commando issues are out today! Inter-dimensional space adventures, Hawker Typhoons, desert duels, and deadly SS hounds abound in these issues — don’t miss ‘em!

5459: The Hounds

Have you ever been caught in a deadly game of tag where if you get caught, you’re dead?! Well that’s exactly what happened to Corporal Richard Fuller and Lieutenant James Whelan in 1944! Only they weren’t being chased by schoolyard bullies — the ruthless SS were in hot pursuit! Together with a ragtag group of prisoners of war, the pair try to survive being hunted by the Hounds in a bout of cat and mouse the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

Heath Ackley’s nail-biting story is brought to tension-filled life by veteran artists Muller and Klacik, plus the issue is topped off with a moody Ian Kennedy cover — that’ll do for us!

Story | Heath Ackley
Art | Muller & Klacik
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5460: Desert Dog-Fight

The pilots of the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe duelled it out in the burning skies above the scorching desert. Their wings glinting in the sun, they would do anything to destroy their enemy — no mercy nor quarter given! But on the ground, two British pilots are forced to team up with their arch-nemesis ‘Happy Herman’ to survive against everything the merciless desert throws at them!

An early example of the master artist Jorge Maria Jorge at work in this classic 1960s Commando penned by the incomparable C G Walker!

Story | CG Walker
Art | Jose Maria Jorge
Cover | Sanfeliz
Originally Commando No. 411 (1969).

5461: Into the Vortex

Stephen Walsh’s time-travelling, portal-hopping raucous extravaganza returns for its sequel — Issue 5461 Into the Vortex! US Army Nurse Emma Wade has gone missing in Anzio and her best friend, Nancy Lewis, is determined to find her. What Nancy doesn’t know is that Emma isn’t in Italy any more — she’s in another dimension fighting alien warrior bugmen to survive! Can Emma escape the vortex? You’ll have to read to find out!

Story | Stephen Walsh
Art | Jaume Forns
Cover | Neil Roberts

5462: The Roar of the Typhoon

The Hawker Typhoon was one of the RAF’s finest flying machines. Armed with twenty-millimetre cannon and eight rockets, their mighty Napier Sabre engines roaring like majestic lions, these beasts of the sky were formidable indeed! And so were their pilots, for if they weren’t as powerful as their machines, then they’d be chewed up and spat out like yesterday’s leftovers. Flight Lieutenants Jan Bakker and Bill Simpson didn’t have anything to worry about though — as long as they could get along they would be fine!

Story | McDevitt
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Philpott
Originally Commando No. 1709 (1983).

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