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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Commando 5439-5442

Brand new Commando issues are out today. Featuring tenacious tank destroyers, nail-biting navigation through enemy-infested jungle, favourable flak crews, and familial failings — don’t forget to pick up your set!

5439: Thor’s Hammers

Captain Grant Thor has seen his team through the disaster at Kasserine Pass and onto success on the beachhead at Anzio — but as the terrain changes and he finds himself pinned down in a tiny Italian village, the stalwart hero crumbles in the wake of the Nazi Panthers lying in wait.

Imprisoned and replaced by a man with more ego than sense, only Lieutenant Rick Kelly sees that Thor can help them hammer through to victory in their new M18 Hellcats — that is, if he can convince the Colonel to give Thor a second chance!

With gritty heroes aplenty from Brent Towns, the interior and cover art give credence to the smoky tank battles and grim fates that often became of their wielders.

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Muller and Klacik
Cover | Neil Roberts

5440: The Long Trek

His name was Mike Stone. He was a British Army sergeant who’d been stranded in the jungle with four British prisoners — deserters and troublemakers on their way to a military prison in Rangoon.

Normally it would have been just a routine job — but this time their route ran through Japanese territory. And Mike knew that not one of the prisoners was likely to lift a hand to help if the going got rough…

A classic Golden Era issues, with unlikely alliances and very complex characters. This issue will make you question your own morals when faced with the horrors of the war in the east.

Story | Evison
Art | V Fuente
Cover | Penalva
Originally Commando No. 407 (1969).

5441: Flak Crew

For the crew of an 88mm Flak gun on the Eastern Front, life was tough. Not only did they have blistering‑cold Russian winters to contend with — but also wet and muddy autumns, meagre supplies, thin watery soups, deadly Jabos attacks, brutish enemy tanks, along with the endless waves of determined Soviet soldiers. 

What started as a push into the Red Army’s homeland, soon became a retreat back into the Fatherland, losing friends and crew members along the way. For driver turned ammunition carrier Jurgen Stark, all he could do was try to survive his time in the Flak crew.

Another tour-de-force cover from Graeme Neil Reid as he and Jaume Forns bring Ferg Handey’s deep tale to life of Axis soldiers who risk everything questioning the regime they have been made part of.

Story | Ferg Handley
Art | Jaume Forns
Cover | Graeme Neil Reid

5438: Heroes are Human

When the German war machine rolled into France, it was the first taste of action for many British troops. Most fought bravely, but some wanted to turn and run, scared by the onslaught of bullets and bombs.

Such a man was Second Lieutenant Hugh Standerline. He had two fears — the fear of battle and the fear that he could not live up to the heroic exploits of his father. Little did he know that things are not always what they seem…

A time old tale of expectations and reality as CG Walker’s heroes learn that war is not the playing board they thought it would be, and as the pieces they must do whatever they can to ensure they don’t lose.

Story | CG Walker
Art | Bevia
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 185 (1983).

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