Thursday, March 04, 2021

Commando 5415-5418

Commando comics’ International Women’s Day specials are out today! Featuring a line up all written by female writers!

5415: Miss Hellfire
Inspired by a British military legend and the first woman to join the French Foreign Legion, Susan Travers, Issue 5415 is a desert adventure with high-octane thrills. The heroine Petra Stone is set apart from her peers by her gender and station, but she’s a heck of a driver and determined to help in the war effort, racing across enemy lines, dodging Axis’ bullets and landmines along the way!
Jaume Forns’ meticulous interior art brings charm to the characters and studious detail to the action, while Ian Kennedy delivers another spectacular cover to add to his remarkable catalogue.

Story | Kate Dewar
Art | Jaume Forns
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5416: Sands of Death

From the pen of legendary Commando writer, Mary Feldwick. Issue 5416 ‘Sands of Death’ gives you treasure, treachery and, most importantly, sand! Lieutenant Harry Brent was a man with a mission, to deliver a stash of gold to local tribesmen to convince them to fight for the British — if he could get it to them that is! With several shady characters on his tail, Harry had to fight tooth and nail to complete his mission and keep their grubby fingers off that gold!

Story | Feldwick
Art | CT Rigby
Cover | Ron Brown
Originally Commando No. 1426 (1980).

5417: The Girls on the Guns

It’s 1942 and Stalingrad’s anti-aircraft guns have boomed into action, protecting the city from attacks from above. They were crewed by mostly inexperienced and barely trained Soviet girls who had fire burning in their veins. But when tanks roared on the horizon, the gunner crews had to do the unthinkable, lower their barrels and fire point-blank at the rampaging Panzers, fighting shot for shot against the fearsome Nazi invaders.

Georgia Standen Battle’s story of bravery in the face of certain doom is brought to vivid life by Carlos Pino’s exceptional art, giving the audience a feel for why the Girls on the Guns could not take one step back.

Story | Georgia Standen Battle
Art | Carlos Pino
Cover | Keith Burns

5418: The Monster

If you were told that a car had a mind of its own and could judge the character of its driver to see if they were good or evil… you wouldn’t believe it for a second. Well that’s exactly what our second offering from Mary Feldwick is about! This particular vile vehicle is the centre of a Resistance plan to smuggle documents to the British — but can they pull it off? With a ‘wheely’ good cover by Jeff Bevan, you’ll be driven mad if you miss this one!

Story | Feldwick
Art | Franch
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 1711 (1983).

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