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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Commando 5411-5414

A thought-provoking set of tales about camaraderie and loyalty in land-warfare feature in Commando issues 5411-5414— out today!

5411: Ready for Anything!

When a prank wins Callum Phillips a promotion over Heath Antwi, their rivalry becomes as cold and desolate as the Falkland hillside — where they find themselves pinned down by Argentinian snipers! With the enemy closing in and time running out, the pair must decide who their true enemies are to make headway in this tense standoff.

Russell Sheath’s third story for Commando is complemented by gritty interiors from Muller and Klacik, with an explosive cover from Keith Burns.

Story | Russell Sheath
Art | Muller & Klacik
Cover | Keith Burns

5412: Breaking Point

Is he real? Or Just a mirage? In the depths of the desert, anything is possible. This mysterious hooded figure seems to turn up just when help is most needed — but who’s side are they really on? As German and British forces collide at a hidden base, the truth will soon be found out!

In this intriguing story from Lester, dynamic interior and cover art is provided by Segrelles.

Story | Lester
Art | Segrelles
Cover | Segrelles
Originally Commando No. 337 (1968).

5413: Canine Commando

As he retreats from Lwow, a small scuffling in a pile of rubble will change the course of Jakub Leszczuk’s war forever. As his new companion Rebus’ abilities are realised and developed, this parachuting war-dog and his master help steer the course of World War Two against the Nazi onslaught and towards liberation!

From tense training to dramatic battles, Colin Maxwell’s canine caper features Khato’s expressive artwork and a dramatic cover from Neil Roberts.

Story | Colin Maxwell
Art | Khato
Cover | Neil Roberts

5414: Time for Heroes

Every man’s war is a series of choices, but the one that cuts deepest can be the choice between heroics and retreating to live to fight another day. Now in a Japanese internment camp, Mike Palmer knows there is more than just the jungle between his freedom and the lives of his men. His next choice could seal their fate once and for all…

Parker’s thoughtful story features crisp interiors from Carmona and a stylised cover from veteran artist Ian Kennedy.

Story | Parker
Art | Carmona
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1650 (1982).

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