Thursday, December 10, 2020

Commando 5391-5394

Commando issues 5391-5394 explore the unusual in settings, storylines, and tactics, in this thrilling set — out today!

5391: Desert Vultures

Lieutenant Bernard Heaviside and his Long Range Desert Group team are as tough and devious as vultures, making do with what they have and abandoning the book. But when paired with straight-laced, upright Free French Lieutenant Gaston Verdier, sparks are bound to fly as they must work together to destroy a unit of Italians intent on interrupting vital supply columns.

Andrew Knighton’s witty daring-do is complemented by Vicente’s flowing, desert-bound interiors, wrapped up in a dynamic cover by Neil Roberts.

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Neil Roberts

5392: Iron Cross Tommy

Dick Clarke is trapped behind enemy lines, a decorated war hero… and in German uniform! After his mates are wiped out in a raid by an evil German officer, Clarke disguises himself as a German soldier to wreak havoc in revenge. But this winding tale of heroism and loyalty sees Clarke unwittingly rise to great heights in the German army as the Commando makes desperate attempts to return home.

Newark’s imaginative story is portrayed in J. Fuente’s detailed interiors, with a dramatic cover from Lopez Espi.

Story | Newark
Art | J. Fuente
Cover | Lopez Espi
Originally Commando No. 351 (1968).

5393: Hand of Tyr

In the closing days of the war, Major Slater, Captain Williams and their select team will do whatever it takes to finally defeat the Reich — even if they must team up with a morally bankrupt chaplain and drag him to Hell and back to get it done! As they travel into the heart of the Fatherland, priorities and passions are reconsidered, as the team hunt down an elusive relic to smash the Nazi’s hopes of victory.

This fast-paced action-adventure is the second story from new writer R Tate, with intricate interiors and a striking cover from Manuel Benet.

Story | R Tate
Art | Manuel Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet

5394: The Commando and the Pilot

Tom Picalli is a boastful American who claims to be able to fly any plane. But his confidence is shaken and his ego bruised when he folds under pressure and has to be threatened by a British Commando to get the job done! Finding themselves stranded in Italy, this tale explores Allied tensions in the face of the Axis powers.

Roger Sanderson’s insightful story is brought to life in Ibanez’s powerful interiors, with a classic cover from Ian Kennedy.

Story | Roger Sanderson
Art | Ibanez
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1610 (1982).

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