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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Commando 5375-5378

Commando serves up some alternative angles on the Second World War in this audacious and action-packed set — out today!

5375: Four Horsemen

World War Two is in its final chapters, and American M8 Tankie Gene Danvers finds himself on an unexpected journey — on horseback no less! Accompanied by a British POW, a defecting Cossack and a German infantryman, these four horsemen put their histories and differences aside to save the rare and coveted Lipizzaner horses in this fast-paced adventure.

With a dramatic cover from Neil Roberts and interiors by Khato, Ferg Handley’s newest story presents the closing days and camaraderie of war in a new light.

Story | Ferg Handley
Art | Khato
Cover | Neil Roberts

5376: Top Bomber

Pete Harker is a name that evokes dread in each and every crew at his RAF base. Fly with him and you’ll be lucky to get back in one piece, or so the story goes. But there’s no doubt the man always gets the job done — that is until his determination lands him in hospital. Scarred in more ways than one, the lone wolf eventually retrains as a bomber and makes a fine job of it. But he’ll need to overcome his demons and reconnect with his crew if he wants to survive the war!

This perilous classic from Fitzsimmons offers a look at the dark side of flying, with highly detailed artwork from Medrano and a painterly cover from Buccherri.

Story | Fitzsimmons
Art | Medrano
Cover | Buccherri
Originally Commando No. 879 (1974).

5377: Third Time Lucky

In a mountainous region of Italy, Captain Jack Harks and his fellows have hit a strategic supply tunnel twice with their Thunderbolts… to no avail. The German anti-aircraft guns have the area well-defended and even Harks’ skills can’t get him close enough to drop a decent payload — though they’ll get him into plenty of trouble! Blundering into an SOE operation, Harks finds himself embedded in an Italian Resistance group, desperate to identify a traitor before the Nazis close in!

A story from new writer JP Bridson with Paolo Ongaro’s trademark lively interiors and a superb cover from well-loved artist Keith Burns, this Commando is worth adding to any collection.

Story | JP Bridson
Art | Paolo Ongaro
Cover | Keith Burns

5378: Cowards Always Run

The village of Rethcourt almost seems to have a curse upon it… haunting three men who abandoned the battlefield in The Great War. Now, the Nazis trample Europe and the three men are presented with an opportunity to right their wrongs. This tale of desperation for survival, half-truths and the fog of war brings together the stories of several unlikely comrades as they look to reconcile their actions and bring peace to their consciences.

A classic combination from CG Walker, Carrion and Kennedy, this is a thoughtful, action-packed adventure.

Story | CG Walker
Art | Carrion
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1586 (1982).

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