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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Commando 5351-5354

Commando travels through some of the major ages of war on land, air, and sea in the latest set of Commandos:  issues 5351-5354 — out today!

5351: V for Vitoria

45th Regiment of Foot are back! Wellington intends to meet Napoleon’s forces near the town of Vitoria, but when Tom and Captain Haythorn find themselves captured by French forces, Sam finds he has a great deal to learn about the local camp followers — and manners — if he wants to rescue his friends. Featuring Manuel Benet’s exquisitely detailed interiors and cover art, bringing the Napoleonic era to life.

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Manual Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet
5352: Blood in the Sand

Hank Hale may be small, out of his depth on parade, and unable to salute properly, but there aren’t many as fierce a fighter as he is! When White Fox troop are wiped out by the Germans in the middle of the Western Desert, he manages to rescue only one man — his sergeant. But as he fights for survival under the blazing sun, it kindles a fire so hot in Hank that the Nazis will never know what hit them! A story of bravery and ingenuity like no other, with all the hallmarks of a classic Commando.

Story | Wilding
Art | Zata
Cover | Sanfeliz
Originally Commando No. 128 (1964).
5353: Outgunned!

Jackie Jones ran away to sea from his Falkland Islands home and with the outbreak of WWI, is transferred to the Royal Navy to serve on the HMS Glasgow. Hopelessly outgunned, the HMS Good Hope is burning, taking their comrades to a watery grave. After the Royal Navy’s first defeat in over 100 years, Jackie and his shipmates are steeled for revenge — and the fight of their lives against the best of the Imperial German Navy.

Story | Richard Davis
Art | Morhain & Defeo
Cover | Keith Burns
5354: Demolition Squad

Pilot Roy Raven is bored of being a taxi in the war in Burma and hopes for a little more excitement before it all ends. Well, he’s in luck! With old rival Captain Gavin Digby out to destroy a tunnel, he finds himself in the thick of things when they crash deep in the jungle. With the fate of their crew unknown, the pair must trust to local superstition and the indomitable chindits to help them complete this vital mission.

Story | Staff
Art | Philpott
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1545 (1981).

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