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Friday, June 12, 2020

Comic Cuts - 12 June 2020

This week we reveal the cover to volume two of Longbow, the forthcoming book from Bear Alley and take a brief look at a couple of Kickstarter projects that have just launched, or are just about to be launched.

From Saturday the 13th you can help Ben Cullis put together the second issue of The 77. I don't have full details at the time of writing, but you can find out more by following this link to where the kickstarter will launch [UPDATE: Now launched and open until 12 July].

Tony Foster's The State of Independents Yearbook 2020 is also issue 14 of his ComicScene magazine. Issue 13 (celebrating the 70th anniversary of Eagle and Dan Dare) will be available in comic shops from June 15th, but distribution into newsagents is being delayed until at least August 13th. All upcoming titles and back issues can be obtained from the ComicScene online store.

The Kickstarter for the ComicScene The History of Comics volumes can be found here.

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