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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Commando 5307-5310

From the desert dunes to soviet snow, with a shortcut through the Ardennes! Brand-new Commando issues — out today!

5307: Stealing Stukas

It’s all fun and games in the desert of North Africa for an odd trio in ‘Stealing Stukas’! Andrew Knighton’s story throws an RAF Intelligence officer with a chip on his shoulder, a posh RAF pilot, and a Luftwaffe pilot who’s also an artist, all into the same melting pot! Their mission: to capture and return with a Junkers 87 for the boffins at HQ to dissect. But when you’re working with an enemy pilot in the scorching desert, without authorisation… well what could go wrong?

Story : Andrew Knighton
Art : Klacik & Muller
Cover : Keith Burns

5308: Enemy in Disguise

The Nazis are up to their old tricks in the Ardennes in CG Walker’s ‘Enemy in Disguise’! Kitted up in British and American uniforms, with American aircraft to boot — their goal is to sow confusion and mistrust between the allies and to cause some mayhem in the process. But the Germans and their nefarious plan hadn’t counted on Captain John Dixon’s dislike of Americans, along with a little help from a mysterious Cornishman called Longstraw and his pet crow!

Story : CG Walker
Art : Gordon C Livingstone
Cover : Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 680 (1972).

5309: Red Snow

For the German soldiers advancing towards Stalingrad, they thought the cold and the biting hunger were the only things they had to worry about. But trapped in the howling blizzard, they felt as if they were being hunted, picked off one by one — the only clue to their missing comrades whereabouts a patch of red snow and trail of bloody pawprints. They were not alone in the dark wasteland, and their survival depended on their wits.

Story : Jason Cobley
Art : Morhain & Defo
Cover : Neil Roberts
5310: The Face of Courage

Following on from ‘Enemy in Disguise’, ‘The Face of Courage’ is the second Commando reprint this release week from the powerhouses of CG Walker, Gordon C Livingstone, and Ian Kennedy. And what a classic Commando the unshakeable trio produced! Set in North Africa, the yarn involves an archaeologist, some British soldiers and a young tribesman teaming up to quell a big Nazi push!

Story : CG Walker
Art : Gordon C Livingstone
Cover : Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1505 (1981).

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