Friday, December 20, 2019

Comic Cuts - 20 December 2019

Long-time readers of Bear Alley will know that I suffer from the common complaint of being easily distracted. With my pitch out of the way, I threw myself into the task of sorting out the junk yard that the far end of the living room had become, dismantling the wall of books that separated me from the far end of my office, and boxing up all the magazines that hadn't found a buyer on Ebay so they can go back in storage.

So the boxing up went quite well, but the boxes are clogging up the living room, alongside the boxes that have been stored under the stairs for the last ten years, which I had to pull out when we were having the fuse box replaced and various electrical tests done. I still haven't had a chance to go through them to see what's in the boxes. This is not to say that there hasn't been any movement at all. From photos, you'll see I still have a large number of old fruit & veg trays that I acquired about twenty-five years ago. I've filled six large trays with books that are now living upstairs and nine of the smaller trays with paperbacks that are stacked up neatly in the office rather than forming an impenetrable barrier.

The trays are useful as they're easy to move and stack. I still have about 400 books that I took out to a boot fair a couple of years ago. I had hoped to do one or two this year, but the opportunity never arose. Not that I make much... I just hate the idea of taking them to a charity shop that would just chuck them away (as they do to most pre-decimal books these days).

You can see that there has been a little bit of progress from the above photo. The boxes don't climb quite so far up the wall and I was finally able to put up my Heade pic. It probably won't stay there as it's a little close to the window and I don't want it to fade. This is the corner that I'm thinking I'll put the desk.

The big distraction was a bit of paying work, which took me, on and off, two and a half days to complete. It should hopefully be out next week, so I'll save it for when I hear more. In the meantime, I do have something special lined up for Bear Alley over the next couple of weeks, of which all I will say is that part 1 will be appearing tomorrow!

All the best for the holiday season and Merry Christmas to you all.

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  1. Steve, these photo's look so familiar -(lol). The greatest single thing ever created by mankind; not the wheel, or fire, or the internet, not even sliced bread. No, it's the humble BOX.



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