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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Commando 5263-5266

Commando presents Lord Peter Flint’s second Commando adventure, a Cam Kennedy and Ian Kennedy reprint, a mysterious tale of monsters and Operation Torch, and the Rocket Express shenanigans on motorcycles! All this in brand new issues 5263-5266 — out now!

5263: Codename Warlord: Ship of Fools

Get ready for the second return of Codename Warlord in Commando. This time the intrepid Lord Peter Flint is going deep undercover – disguising himself with a beard and a German accent! Pretending to be a prominent German shipbuilder, Britain’s top agent comes face to face with the biggest battleship he’s ever seen – the ‘Fuhrer’ Class megaship. Can Flint stop fanatical fools turning the tide of the war? You’ll have to read issue 5263 to find out!

Story: Iain McLaughlin
Art: Manual Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

5264: Hurri to the Rescue

One Kennedy is great – but two is even better! The illustrious duo of Cam Kennedy and Ian Kennedy grace issue 5264 Hurri to the Rescue. McOwan’s script about an RAF hating solider named Jake Conroy who, once stranded on a Pacific Island, is forced to partner with two pilots, is masterfully brought to life by Cam Kennedy in one of his later issues of Commando. All this topped off with a stunning Ian Kennedy cover, doing what Kennedy does best — dazzling us with aircraft!

Story: McOwan
Art: Cam Kennedy
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 750 (1973).

5265: Monsters in the Fog

There’s something weird going on in the Tunisian desert! A whole platoon is missing and the sole shell-shocked survivor is talking about monster attacks. Then a whole town appears overnight, the lake drains and a mysterious thick fog clouds the area. The shapes moving through the smog are not what they seem – but they’ll kill you none the less!

Story: Dominic Teague
Art: Vicente Alcazar
Cover: Neil Roberts

5266: The Outriders

Trouble on wheels in The Outriders! Featuring motorbikes, the Transport Corps, and the Sicilian Mafia! When the no-good Nick Bertini disappeared after a mob hit, Danny Mitchell and Mo Brookes assumed the conman had gone on ‘holiday’ to see relatives in Sicily, little did the pair expect to see him in Italy, in a cushy job in the US army! Bertini’s re-emergence could only spell one this for the two – TROUBLE! But they only joined the army to ride motorbikes!

Story: Ian Clark
Art: Ibanez
Cover: Dalger
Originally Commando No. 2885 (1995).

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