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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Commando 5219-5222

Brand new issues are out today!

5219: To Wear the Uniform

Jakob Rosenbaum had fought all his life. Like many Jewish people, Jakob fought persecution following the rise of Hitler and his Nazi thugs. Jakob thought things would be better for him in Britain. However, he found that because he sounded like the enemy he was treated like one. Jakob would have to fight yet again to prove he was worthy enough to wear the uniform of his new home!

Story: Iain McLaughlin
Art: Andrés Klacik
Cover: Ian Kennedy

5220: Sands of Doom

There’s a murderer in the desert, picking off Sergeant Jim Templeton’s squad one by one. All because of one padlocked box. But what was in the box and who was willing to kill to find out?!

Story: RA Montague
Art: L Rosell
Cover: Penalva
Originally Commando No. 644 (1972).

5221: Hellfire Pass

To celebrate ANZAC Day, ‘Hellfire Pass’ follows the story of Australian prisoners of war, Pete Mellion and Reg Willian, who were forced to build the Thai-Burma Railway by the Japanese. Slaving in the hellish heat of the Burmese jungle, the POWs were subjected to harsh conditions to cut through the mountain rock. But the brave cobbers would soon show the Japanese the true heroism of the Aussies!

Story: Brent Towns
Art: Morhain and Defeo
Cover: Neil Roberts

5222: The Last Nazis

Germany may have been defeated in 1945, but some fanatic diehards would not give up that easily! A group of zealous Nazis decided to commandeer two U-boats belonging to Kapitans Schmitt and Kesser and set sail with the seeds to create a new Nazi future. But would the Nazis succeed or would Schmitt and Keller stop them before it was too late?

Story: Anthony Knowles
Art: Gordon C Livingstone
Cover: Gordon C Livingstone
Originally Commando No. 2729 (1994).

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