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Friday, January 25, 2019

Comic Cuts - 25 January 2019

My life is a case of one step forward followed by a stumble. Last week I mentioned I was waiting on new glasses which were due to be picked up on Saturday. I got into town early and arrived at Specsavers at about a quarter past nine. Hung around at the collections counter and was seen between five or ten minutes later. Tried on the glasses and they felt OK. There was a blurry line on the right lens, a manufacturers mark, which the girl serving me went off to clean.

She came back ten minutes later and said that the mark on the lens wasn't shifting and the new glasses were in the lab upstairs where they were soaking the lens in... something (I didn't catch what it was) that would lift the mark off the lens. I pushed off for ten minutes to look in one of the charity shops and returned. Was seen ten minutes later by a different girl who said that the mark was proving to be particularly stubborn, could I come back in ten or fifteen minutes.

I actually went to some shops across town and returned at eleven. Was seen ten minutes later by a guy this time who said the problem hadn't been resolved and all they could do was send them back to the people who manufactured them.

So I'm going back on Saturday and will hopefully be in receipt of my new glasses. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

But to balance this bad karma, I was asked recently whether I wanted to be interviewed for a little piece that's going to be filmed for The One Show. It's about Harry Bensley, a.k.a. Iron Mask. It's just a short piece and I don't yet know all the details, but I'm heading up to London on the 7th of Feb, so I'm guessing it will be broadcast the following week... maybe? I'm not sure how far in advance there little films are filmed.

So we've got "lenses" and "ones" for our random scans this week. I'll have some more "ones" next week and hopefully a bit more news.

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