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Arthur Twidle

Robert J. Kirkpatrick

Arthur Twidle was, in the first decade of the 20th century, well-known as an illustrator of Arthur Conan Doyle stories, both in The Strand Magazine and in hardback from. But he was also a fairly prolific illustrator of children’s books, particularly adventure stories, and other books, being closely associated with Silas K. Hocking and Frank Thomas Bullen.

He was born in Rotherhithe, Surrey, in 1864. His father, Alfred, was a cooper, born in Rotherhithe in 1833; his mother, Rachel, born in Rotherhithe in 1834, was a glovemaker, the daughter of William Smith, a shipwright from Bermondsey. They had five children as well as Arthur: Rachel (born in 1854), Alfred (1860), Emily (1862), Clara (1870), and Alice Maud (1876).

At the time of the 1871 census, the family was living at 34 Winchester Street, Rotherhithe. Alfred’s mother died in 1879, and Alfred was sent to live with his uncle, Thomas Morris, a cooper, and his family, at 21 Tranton Road, Bermondsey. Arthur was already working as a wood engraver, although where, and where, he learnt his craft is not known. (Arthur’s father subsequently, in April 1882, married Martha Selina Smith, née Riggitt, a widow whose first husband had died in 1870).

On 11 July 1885 Arthur Twidle married Annie Elizabeth Mason, born in 1866, the daughter of John James Mason, an engineer, at St. Olave’s Church, Southwark. They were both, at the time, living at 89 Abbey Street, Bermondsey.

Twidle had already moved away from engraving to illustrating, with his first work, an engraving by E. Evans of a black and white drawing of a cedar tree, appearing in a collection of stories and verses for children published by James Nisbet & Co. in 1883. He went on to illustrate several more books issued by Nisbet, including several novels by R. M. Ballantyne. He illustrated his first Silas K. Hocking novel, The Day of Recompense, published by Frederick Warne & Co., in 1899, and he went on to illustrate at least seven more, ending in 1911 with The Quenchless Fire. Also in 1899 he illustrated his first Frank Thomas Bullen story, The Log of a Sea Waif, published by Smith, Elder & Co. Bullen, who had gone to sea at the age of 12 in 1869, went on to become a prolific author of sea stories, and Twidle illustrated at least nine of them.

In 1891 Twidle and his wife were living at ‘Eversley’, 262 Lordship Lane, Camberwell. They had had two children:  Annie, born in 1888, and Arthur, born in 1889. Two years later, in 1893 Twidle began contributing to The English Illustrated Magazine and The Family Friend. He went on to contribute to several other periodicals, including Good Words, The Quiver, The British Workman, The Temple Magazine, The Red Magazine, The Wide World Magazine, The Leisure Hour, Cassell’s Family Magazine, Chums, and The Sunday at Home. He became a close friend of the campaigning journalist W. T. Stead, and contributed to his magazine The Review of Reviews, launched in 1890 by Stead in partnership with George Newnes. This was primarily a vehicle for Stead, who wrote most of its content – book and magazine reviews, articles commenting on world events, with Twidle providing illustrations and cartoons. However, Twidle was to become best-known for his contributions to The Woman at Home, The Strand Magazine and The Boy’s Own Paper.

The Woman at Home, usually sub-titled "Annie S. Swan’s Magazine", had been launched by Hodder &Stoughton in 1893, with Annie S. Swan, a Scottish novelist, as editor. Twidle began illustrating her own stories in the magazine in 1895, continuing to do so until 1904. In 1903, Twidle was commissioned by Smith, Elder & Co. (in partnership with the New York firm of D. Appleton & Co.) to illustrate eleven of the twelve titles in their “Author’s Edition” of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Two years later, he was commissioned to illustrate Doyle’s historical story Sir Nigel in The Strand Magazine, eventually producing no fewer than 125 black and white illustrations. He went on to illustrate five more Conan Doyle stories for the magazine – indeed, after the death of Sidney Paget, who had been illustrating Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories in The Strand since 1891, in 1908, Doyle, when he was writing a new Holmes story, specifically asked for Twidle, with whom he was very impressed, to supply the illustrations. Unfortunately, Twidle was not on good terms with The Strand Magazine’s art editor, W.H.G. Boot, and despite Doyle trying to act as a broker between them, Twidle went on to illustrate only two more Holmes stories, 'A Reminiscence of Sherlock Holmes' (also known as 'The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge') and 'The Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans', both in 1908, and two non-Holmes stories, 'The Lord of Falconbridge' and 'The Homecoming', in 1909.

As well as The Strand Magazine, Twidle was also closely associated with The Boy’s Own Paper, for which he illustrated several serials, mainly adventures stories set overseas, and numerous short stories between 1906 and 1924.

As a book illustrator, Twidle specialized in boys’ historical and adventure stories, working for a number of publishers, in particular Frederick Warne & Co., Jarrold & Sons, and the Religious Tract Society. He also illustrated a handful of boys’ school stories, including three by Charles J. Mansford, and several girls’ stories. Some online sources, as well as newspaper obituaries after his death, claimed that he illustrated several books by Gilbert Parker and H. Rider Haggard – however, it has not been possible to trace any of these.

One of Twidle’s particular interests was entomology, which found an expression in his book Beautiful Butterflies of the Tropics: How to Collect Them, published by the Religious Tract Society in 1920. This contained 13 colour plates, including scenes of butterfly hunters in action, along with numerous black and white line drawings in the text. It was, however, was a bit of a fraud on Twidle’s part, as he never visited the tropics, but rather collected his specimens from commercial sources. Nevertheless, his expertise was recognized when he was subsequently elected a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society.

Twidle had also always been interested in religious art, and towards the end of his life he focused almost exclusively on this, the highlight being The New Oxford Pictorial Bible, published by the Oxford University Press in 1934, for which he provided 16 colour plates.

While Twidle also painted – in oil, watercolour and pastel – unlike many of his contemporaries he did not exhibit a great deal. He had two pictures shown at the Royal Academy in 1903 and 1913, the first bring a scene from Conan Doyle’s novel Micah Clarke. He also exhibited at the United Society of Artists, and at other minor galleries. He was also apparently well-known for his mural painting, with The Surrey Mirror noting, in an article celebrating his golden wedding anniversary in July 1935, that he had produced a mural for a church in America.

In 1901, Twidle and his family were living at “Burleigh”, Foots Cray, Sidcup, Kent, along with a 22 year-old domestic servant. They were still there ten years later, when Twidle’s son Arthur had begun working as an automobile engineer. They later moved to The Rowans, Godstone Green, Godstone, Surrey. It was here that he and his wife celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Sadly, he died a year later, on 26 April 1936, and was buried in the churchyard of Godstone’s St. Nicholas Church. He did not leave a will. His wife died in a nursing home in Minehead, Somerset, on 9 January 1963, aged 97, leaving an estate valued at just over £9,000.


Beautiful Butterflies of the Tropics. How to Collect Them, Religious Tract Society, 1920

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The Author’s Edition published by Smith, Elder & Co., 1903:
The White Company
Micah Clarke
The Refugees
Rodney Stone
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
A Study in Scarlet, and The Sign of Four
The Great Shadow, and Uncle Bernac
A Duet, with an Occasional Chorus
Tragedy of the Korosko and The Green Flag
The Stark Munro Letters and Round the Red Lamp

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  1. Arthur Twidle moved with his wife to The Rowans (no 6 Ivy Mill Lane) Godstone GReen RH9 8NH in 1925. He constructed a studio in the garden where he has left a mural.



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