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Monday, December 18, 2017

Paul Temple and the Barracombe Boxes part 1

Begins today!

It's becoming a Christmas tradition to have one of these old Paul Temple strips running over the Xmas and New Year period. This one is an extra-long series, so there will be six episodes per day until the first week of January. There will be other odds and sods posted during the next few weeks, but this allows us – I'm including Robert Kirkpatrick, who has been supplying many excellent artist biographies for the past couple of months – to have a bit of a break.

The strip dates from 1966, the artist is John McNamara and the writer is credited as Francis Durbridge but the strip was probably ghost-written by someone else.



  1. I've always enjoyed McNamara's art on this strip. Do you happen to know anything about his technique? Though the grey tones could have been Craftint developed-tone paper, they look more like Letraset sheets with highlights scraped out using a blade.

  2. I'll have to leave the answer to someone who knows their artistic tinting techniques. Don't forget, these were drawn in the 1960s, so the first question would be: what was available. Zip-a-tone was available. Letratone was brand new in 1966.