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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Upcoming releases

Rebellion are releasing two 2000AD strips in early 2018 that hark back to the comics' earliest days. In February they are releasing Ant Wars, which originally appeared in progs 71-85 in 1978, but was conceived as a Them!-style, giant-animals-attack yarn during 2000AD's creation. Written by Gerry Finley-Day and drawn for the most part by Jose Luis Ferrer and Alfonso Azpiri, the strip was subsequently reprinted in Eagle (1986).

The book will also include 'Zancudo' from Judge Dredd Megazine (2005) by Si Spurrier and Cam Kennedy, and has a cover by Kevin O'Neill.

A month later, Rebellion are reprinting M.A.C.H.1 (ISBN 978-1781-08613-1) which debuted in the first Prog. John Probe was 2000AD's answer to the hugely popular Six Million Dollar Man, Probe's adventures were written and drawn by two dozen different artists and writers.

Titan Comics have released some further information about their upcoming Dan Dare comic book. It is to be written by Peter Milligan (recently to be found writing The Mummy for Titan) and drawn by Alberto Foche, well-known in Spain but a newcomer to British comics. Covers have been painted by Chrisian Ward, Alberto Foche and a retro cover by Chris Weston.

Down the Tubes sums up the plot thus: "In Titan Comics’ new tale, Earth and the solar system is at peace for the first time in human history – and Dan Dare doesn’t know what to do with himself. Then, a huge unknown alien vessel arrives in the solar system and obliterates a moon of Saturn in a show of strength, Dare finds himself thrust back into a new adventure that threatens not just Earth – but all life in the entire universe!"

The 4-issue mini-series begins in October.

Pat Mills is doing a paperback version of his autobiography, Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!. Already available on Kindle, Mills has said that the print version should be available within the next week or two. A new cover by Alex Ronald has been produced for the book which has now replaced the previous cover on the Kindle edition.

Pat has also been working on an audio version of the book which will be made available through Spokenword Audio. Spokenword's press-release notes that the book will be released on the Spokenword website for download in August, with other platforms (Audible, iTunes, etc.) following in September.

An interview conducted by Afshin Rattansi with Pat will be appearing on Russia Today's Going Underground programme on July 22nd. We're also waiting for Accident Man starring Scott Adkins, which has been filmed but has yet to be given a release date.

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