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Friday, May 05, 2017

Comic Cuts - 5 May 2017

Where the heck did the week go? The weekend was busy – we were out Friday and Sunday and had guests on Saturday – and the bank holiday on Monday just flew by thanks to a couple of nice long walks and a pub lunch that totally undid any health benefits of the walks. I was in London on Tuesday and spent most of Wednesday just trying to catch up with everything... and here we are on Thursday already.

One of our excursion over the weekend was to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which I'll grudgingly admit was well worth the £12.25 entry fee... the film was fantastic, but come on—over twelve pounds to see a film? Most films just aren't worth the bother when I will be able to pick up the DVD or Blu-Ray in a sale for £6-8 in six to eight months time. Films that I would once have been wildly excited by, such as the upcoming Ridley Scott Alien movie, I now feel don't warrant the expense, because you have to factor in the price of getting to the cinema, any food you consume and getting home again onto the price of admission. Even if we forget food, a return bus ticket will cost £3.50, bringing the cost up to £15.75, only 29p cheaper than the Blu-Ray for Rogue One in the Co-Op round the corner, which I can watch as often as I like, has a ton of extras, I can pause if I want a wee, and I don't have to keep standing up when people want to take their seats (I like an aisle seat, as they're usually in roughly the centre of the screen).

The latter cost me a camera on Sunday. Since I got a digital camera back in 2007, I tend to carry it around with me everywhere. Most of the time I forget that it's in my pocket, but I usually take some snaps when we go out for our Sunday walk as there's a large housing development over the river and I've been following the changes each week. This week, we were down the river on Monday and I took out my camera to take a shot, only to find the screen on the back was cracked and the camera unusable. What I think happened is this: in the cinema on Sunday night I'd tucked my jacket behind my back and, when I stood up to let someone pass, the jacket must have slipped down as the seat flipped up, lodging the camera in such a position that, when I sat down, my full weight on the seat put some weight on the screen, which cracked. The crack is only very slight – like the threads you see in ice – but enough to make the camera unusable.

It's frustrating... why do these thing always happen when you're trying to rein in your costs a little. Thankfully, it's not a hugely expensive camera and will cost me about £80-90 to replace, although I'll have a look around first and see if I can find an equivalent camera cheaper. So, no more photos for a couple of weeks. As I said earlier, I used to forget that I had the camera on me, but now I'm aware that I don't, it feels weird!

Here are some camera-related random scans...

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  1. Where the heck did the week go? Never mind that, Steve, where the hell did my life go? Hope you get a new camera soon. They're improving all the time.