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Friday, April 14, 2017

Comic Cuts - 14 April 2017

Another birthday has come and gone. Due to it falling so close to Easter, I'm holding off on celebrations until later in the month when friends are back from visiting family or not tied up with kids during the school hols.

It strikes me that I'm in the same boat as I was two years ago – in need of some steady work. However, something good always comes out of these periods of under-employment. My default position on losing jobs is always to write a book, because of the frustration of not having the time while I'm working for other people or on other projects. That's how The Mushroom Jungle and The Trials of Hank Janson came about, because I suddenly found myself with the time to do the research and writing. Leaving Look & Learn led to Bear Alley Books and the folding of Hotel Business will hopefully result in my first index for a couple of years.

Talking of which... the work is chugging along. I'm reading and writing notes. At the last count I had around 28,000 words of notes, so I expect the Valiant intro. will be about the same size as my book on Look and Learn, which was around 47,000 words. I'll then have to tighten it all up, so it should be shorter than that, and potentially around the same size as the Countdown to TV Action intro, which was 35,000 words. But I must admit I'm guessing at this stage.

With nothing further to report, I'll hand over to this weeks random scans, which are, unsurprisingly, on the theme of "old". I'm  taking a break over Easter so there might be nothing further posted until next week... I need a break! I'm old!


  1. Happy birthday, you old reprobate. You look great for 70. For your actual age...well, I'll let you decide.

  2. Happy birthday, Steve
    - Susan F

  3. Happy Birthday from me too Steve! (I'm surprised you didn't include a cover scan of Brian Aldiss's novel 'An Age' by the way - I always preferred it to the American title 'Cryptozoic!')