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Friday, March 24, 2017

Comic Cuts - 24 March 2017

We're entering the final week in which Frontline UK and Arena can be sold by Bear Alley Books, so if you want copies at 25% off the cover price, now is the time to put in your order. Click on the links under the cover photos in the right hand column.

I've had a somewhat frustrating week. The idea was to put aside the Valiant index and get on with some work for a magazine. I put together a bunch of questions but my contact needed confirmation that I was working for the mag. An e-mail didn't get any response, so I spent Wednesday trying to phone the editor... and Thursday... Every call has gone through to voicemail. I'm beginning to wonder if the magazine still exists!

I switched back to Valiant and doing some other bits 'n' bobs that needed doing. I'm trying to index some old annuals and summer specials, and to try and make sure the work gets done, I'm trying to do one every morning. (The same principal has worked quite well before. Long-time readers might remember the "daily annual" I used to compile for the CB&M group probably ten years ago now, maybe longer.) The information will eventually appear in future indexes.

The same idea means that we have our random scans every week. Sometimes they're very random indeed, based on what I've managed to rescue from charity shops, but some weeks have a theme, and given the frustration I've had this week, the theme is waiting.

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