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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jeff Hawke's Cosmos v.9 no.3

The latest issue of Jeff Hawke's Cosmos (Volume 9 Number 3, January 2016) dropped through the letterbox yesterday, containing the usual mix of strips and space features. The meat of the issue are four latter-day Jeff Hawke tales from his Lance McLean days—during this period (1983) the strip appeared in the Scottish Daily Record as Lance McLane but was syndicated under the more familiar name of Jeff Hawke.

Of the four strips, two are substantial and two slightly shorter. We begin with 'The Phoenix at Easter' (Jan-May 1983), a story that involves and explains the heads on Easter Island; next is 'Tangaroa' (May-July 1983), named after a mythical god, in which Jeff and Fortuna try to trace a missing medic, only to discover an underwater alien race. The longest yarn in this issue is 'Nest of the Phoenix' (July-Dec 1983), which has a more familiar space setting and begins with some mysterious findings on the planet Mercury. Finally 'I Talk to the Trees' (Dec 1983-Feb 1984) isn't about Earth-based trees, but genetically modified trees being grown on asteroids.

The strips here haven't been in print for years – in fact, the last story adds some episodes missing from a previous reprint. Duncan Lunan adds a variety of features and story notes to the package, which is an always welcome arrival.

Subscription rates are £26 for three issues here in the UK and £34/38/41 for overseas subscribers, payable in a variety of ways. You can find more details (and back issues) at the new Jeff Hawke Club web page or by contacting william AT 

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