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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Commando issues 4847-4850

Commando issues on sale 24 September 2015.

Commando No 4847 — Nature Of The Beast
The Convict Commandos had been on many dangerous missions as the War raged on. Now it looked as if their latest adventure could turn out to be their last.
   ‘Jelly’ Jakes wasn’t just an expert safecracker — he was an expert coward too! The quivering little man had become a vital part of a scheme to halt an insidious enemy threat — one that could undermine the Allies’ efforts to win the War. Jelly and the rest of the team would have to uncover THE NATURE OF THE BEAST.

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

Commando No 4848 — Stand And Fight
Perched high among the girders of the bridge spanning the jungle river, Private Dan Neal carefully aimed at the explosives charge lashed to the bridge supports. He knew that if this bridge wasn’t blown, the Japanese would pour over it, massacring any British troops who stood in their way. And if it was blown up, Dan knew he would go sky high with it.
   His trigger finger took the first pressure, then began the slow steady squeeze…

Down through the decades that Commando has been published, perceived cowardice has long been a recurring, but thankfully not over-used, plot motif. Indeed, one of our Silver Collection titles from earlier this month, “Day Of Shame” (No 4846) also had a similar theme but was completely different to this story.
   In my opinion, Stand And Fight is a memorable tale because – apart from Gordon Livingstone’s typically wonderful art and cover – the main character, Private Dan Neal, appears to be a rare Commando anti-hero. Flawed, secretive, morally ambiguous, as readers we’re not quite sure if we even like him. Right away that gives this adventure an edge. Adding a duplicitous enemy prisoner and a loyal, ice-cool Ghurkha to the mix makes it edgier still.—Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: N. Allen
Art: Gordon Livingstone
Cover: Gordon Livingstone
Originally Commando No 467 (April 1970), re-issued as No 1343 (August 1979)

Commando No 4849 — Charge…Or Die!
They were an unlikely infantryman, a cavalry officer and a mechanic. Yet, when they put their petty squabbles aside this irregular Polish ‘unit’ were a force to be reckoned with.
   After Germany’s lightning-fast invasion of Poland, these three misfits were determined to fight back.
   Yes, indeed, they were an unlikely force…but one which, against the odds, still managed to strike fear into the hearts of the invading enemy.

Story: Kek-W
Art: Vicente Alcazar
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando No 4850 — King Of The Sky
They twisted and turned all over the sky, the two pilots trying to pull every trick in the book to be the one who drilled in the final killing burst.
   This was no ordinary dog-fight…for both aircraft carried the colours of the Royal Air Force. Something very odd was going on to have a Spitfire duelling savagely with a Mosquito…

Compared to our Gold Collection banner of re-issues, which were originally published 50 years ago, King Of The Sky is practically a young whipper-snapper of a book, what with being a mere quarter of a century old. However, at its core is a charmingly simple but effective premise that means it wouldn’t look out of place in the Gold Collection either.
   A ruthless Nazi pilot breaks out of a British POW camp and will stop at nothing to get back to the Fatherland and continue the War, pursued by an RAF man determined to catch him. It’s a classic scenario and still remains an enjoyable read.—Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: Bernard Gregg
Art: Terry Patrick
Cover: Mike Cox
Originally Commando No 2400 (August 1990) 

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