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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scrapbook: Barb Wire

Who remembers Barb Wire? Probably the only reason anybody does is because she was played in the movie of the comic book of the same name by Pamela Anderson. It wasn't a huge hit, and was perhaps unsurprisingly nominated heavily for the Golden Raspberry Awards of 1996, with Pammy winning Worst New Star, although she lost the Worst Actress award to Demi Moore, star of the Worst Picture award, Striptease.

The film had little going for it, although the plot mirrored that of Casablanca. Anderson was no Bogart. Sometimes these kind of films can earn a cult following, but I suspect that won't be the case here.

The clipping is also interesting for the news that Quentin Tarantino is going to be directing a movie version of The Man From UNCLE as a follow-up to Pulp Fiction. This was 1995 and it has taken 20 years to bring the old team of Solo and Kuriakin to the big screen to the general consensus that it's OK without being brilliant.

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