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Monday, September 08, 2014

A trip round Colchester (Invasion Day Special)

Saturday saw the fourth annual Invasion Colchester, raising money for Colchester Hospital and St Helena's Hospice. Basically, it's an excuse to get dressed up and stroll around town where dozens of other people are in costume. It was a great day for everyone and the atmosphere was fantastic, thanks to the good nature of the people playing the characters. Some of those costumes couldn't have been comfortable to wear for any length of time. We had a fabulous range of stars, with Ghostbusters and Judge Dredd appearing alongside Doctor Who and Star Wars characters.

We also had dancers, cars, including the (or at least "a") General Lee, music, make-up and mayhem. An eBay auction of Walking Dead artwork by Charlie Adlard raised over £200.

If you know Colchester, we'll start in Culver Square and work our way around. If you're not local, you can follow our progress on the map above.

1 Culver Square

First photo features Kerry, who organises the event, and daughter Black Widow.

2 Corner of former HMV

3 Lion Walk

4 Square opposite Timpsons

5 Corner of Game/former Dixons

6 Ace Comics

(* Photographs by Me and Mel.)

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