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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Comic Cuts - 31 December 2013

Well, that was fun.

I haven't done a jot of work for a week unless you count the Jose Ortiz piece published a couple of days ago . . . OK, I haven't done any paid work. Instead, I have been enjoying life in the bosom of my family and eaten my own bodyweight in roast potatoes and Christmas pudding. We managed to exercise off a sprout or two going for what is euphemistically called a "walk" but which turned out to be an arm-wrenching half-hour  being dragged around the neighbourhood by my sister Julie's new dog. Otherwise, we sat around, chatting and laughing and watching a bit of TV.

It was rather sad to hear on Christmas Eve that Jose Ortiz had died as he was one of the best of the Spanish artists who worked for British comics. I'll follow up yesterday's post with another series of "Caroline Baker" later in the week as it's a strip that doesn't often receive any coverage.

Have a happy new year in 2014.

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