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Monday, November 11, 2013

Paul Temple in Death Sitting Down part 1

A treat for fans of old newspaper strips...

(* © Evening News)


Mike W said...

Great to see Paul Temple again. I always remember a similar hero Rip Kirby who I used to read in my Grandmother's 'Daily Mail'.

Paul said...

Brilliant stuff. I've just discovered the Paul Temple radio serials - I didn't realise there were newspaper strips too. Thanks.

Steve said...

The strip ran from the early 1960s until (I believe) 1971, drawn by John McNamara. I'm not sure when this particular strip dates from as the scans were passed on to me but student riots and the clothing make me think this particular series is from the late 1960s.

Chap O'Keefe said...

This takes me right back to a backstreet office-cum-warehouse in Mitcham in the 1960s. As editor (and art assistant and everything less grand), I was responsible for cobbling those three-frame daily newspaper strips into two- or three-frame digest-size pages for republication in the Paul Temple Library. The company I was working for, Micron Publications, was on its last legs under its original ownership and the series didn't last long. For Paul Temple followers, the 64-page "pocket library" books might be worth rediscovery, too ... if you can find copies. I have a set (and a few duplicates) in the boxes in my basement.

Richard Sheaf said...

HI Chap, I am a big fan of newspaper strip and would love to get hold of some of your spares - if possible please get In touch at