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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chuck Palahniuk cover gallery

Like many, I first noticed Chuck Palahniuk's name while I was watching David Fincher's movie version of Fight Club. It was a Wednesday afternoon in November 1999 and at our local Odeon that meant a ticket cost £2.20. I was often the only person in the cinema's Screen 2 and had my favourite seat, dead centre, four rows back. Just before the film started, someone else walked in and sat in the row behind me, looking over my shoulder.

The film blew me away. I loved it and turned to my near neighbour, who turned out to be a women possibly in her fifties and who had also sat through the credits at the end of the movie. "What did you think?" she asked. "Brilliant!" I said. She nodded.

I walked out of the Odeon, across town to Waterstones and bought the book. That Saturday, I bought Survivor and later picked up Palahniuk's other books as they came out for a few years. Work and a slowing-down of my reading pace has meant I've not picked up any of his books for a few years, but he's certainly an author I keep my eye out for.

Fight Club (1996)
Vintage 0099-76521-7, 1997, 208pp, £6.99. Cover photo by Kjell Ekhorn
Vintage 978-0099-55215-4, £5.99
Vintage 978-0099-76521-9 [27th imp.] c.2011, 218pp, £8.99. Design by Michael Salu

Survivor (1999)
Jonathan Cape 0224-06010-4, 1999. 289pp, £10.00. Cover photo by Jake Walters/Kjell Ekhorn
Vintage 978-0099-28264-8, £8.99

Invisible Monsters (1999)
Jonathan Cape
Vintage 978-0099-28544-1, 2000, 297pp, £8.99. Cover by Cannon and Skellett
---- [imp.] c.2003.

Choke (2001)
Jonathan Cape 0224-06190-9, 2001, 292pp, £10.00. Cover photo by Karin Taylor
Vintage 0099-42268-9, 2002
---- [5th imp.] 2003, 292pp, £6.99.
---- 978-0099-53525-6, £7.99

Lullaby (2002)
Jonathan Cape, 2002
Vintage 0099-43796-1, 2003, 260pp, £6.99. Cover photo by Salia Fatima/Photonica

Diary (2003)
Jonathan Cape 0224-06389-8, 2003, 260pp, £10.00.
Vintage 0099-45398-3, 2004, 260pp, £6.99.

Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon (2003)
Vintage 978-0099-46467-9, £7.99

Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories (2004; as Non-Fiction)
Jonathan Cape 0224-06302-2, 2004, 233pp, £10.99. Cover by David Foldvari

Haunted (2005)
Jonathan Cape 978-0224-07695-1, 2005, 404pp. [tpb]
Vintage 978-0099-45837-1, 2006, 412pp, £7.99. Cover by Stephen Parker

Rant (2007)
Vintage 978-0099-49936-7, 2008, 316pp, £8.99. Cover by Corbis

Snuff (2008)
Vintage 978-0099-49937-4, £7.99

Pygmy (2009)
Vintage 978-0099-52697-1, £7.99.

Tell-All (2010)
Vintage 978-0099-52698-8, 2011, 179pp, £7.99. Cover photo by Horace Bristol/Corbis

Damned (2011)
Vintage 978-0099-55259-8, 2012, 247pp, £7.99. Cover by Jen Munford

Invisible Monsters Remix (2012)
Vintage 978-0099-57505-4, £9.99.

Doomed (2013)
Vintage 978-0099-55263-5, 2014.

Beautiful You (2014)
Vintage 978-0099-58767-5, 2015, 221pp, £8.99. Cover by James Jones

Make Something Up Stories You Can't Unread (2015)
Jonathan Cape 978-0224-09908-0, 2015. [tpb]

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