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Saturday, December 08, 2012


In the week when they discovered the body of a unicorn (and then announced that they hadn't), I've managed to discover a couple of strips that I don't know anything about. But I do believe they are reprints, either from Spirou or Tintin, probably the former.

I'm hoping that one of our European readers will be able to spot where these originated. I'll start with one that's short and sweet as I have only one example. This ran in the UK for only six weeks between April and June 1966. This looks to me as if it was drawn with colour in mind.



Anonymous said...

that's an easy one, Steve, for french reading people:


Steve said...

Thanks, Alberto. Let's hope tomorrow's is as easy to spot!

Bedrock Son said...

Hello this is a story of "PIFOU", published in the weekly "PIF gadget" beetween 1969 and about 1980. and the artist was Roger Mas who used to draw Pif (and his family including Pifou many years before)

mct16 said...

Hello, Here are some more details. "Pooch" was a French comic strip called "Pifou", created and drawn by Roger Mas, pen-name of Roger Masmonteil. He first appeared in 1958 in the weekly comic "Vaillant" in which he was a companion to Pif the dog, the main star of the comic. Pifou later got his own strip which he shared with the bulldog Brutos (renamed Porky in the English version). Brutos acted as a sort of big brother figure to Pifou, though this did not stop either of them from playing rotten tricks on the other. Brutos also provided more detailed dialogue to the strip since Pifou was notable for his shortness of words: he would say "Glop! Glop!" when pleased and happy or "Pas glop! Pas glop!" when sad or angry. For example, in the opening panel of this strip, he'd probably have said "Pas glop! Pas glop! Froid!" ("No glop! No glop! Cold!"). Clearly the English translators did not like this form of "baby talk" in spite of its charm. "Vaillant" was renamed "Pif Gadget" in 1969 but retained many of the "Vaillant" strips including "Pifou", who also got his own comics such as "Pifou Poche" (pocket-sized comics) and "Pifou Geant" (which was usually twice the size of the average weekly or monthly comics).