Sunday, February 05, 2012

Lenore Bredeson

At the beginning of December I posted a little clutch of horror covers from Digit Books, one of which was a volume by Lenore Bredeson. I finally did a little digging to see what I could come up with on this little known writer and... well, the results were sparse.

A Catalog of Copyright Entries note cross-refers Lenore Bredeson to Lenore Bredeson Hogan. A Google search results in a few hits for interviews relating to the civil rights movement; a number of them are held at Columbia University's Columbia Oral History Project. The latest mention I was able to track down was for the copyright renewel of More from One Step Beyond, which was re-registered in October 1989.

Both One Step Beyond and More from One Step Beyond adapted stories from the American TV series of the same name, a contemporary of The Twilight Zone but based (supposedly) on real supernatural events.

One possibility can be found in the Social Security Death Index: Lenore B. Hogan, born 9 April 1925, died Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, on 13 November 2006. This Lenore appears to have lived in apartments in West 111th Street, New York, and Metropolitan Avenue, Rego Park, New York. This, of course, could be a red herring, so please don't take these dates as confirmed. If I'm right, I believe she was married to Thomas F. Hogan (1915-2005)


One Step Beyond: Great stories of the psychic world selected from the television series. New York, Citadel Press, Apr 1960; London, Digit Books, 1960.
More from One Step Beyond: A second volume of eerie stories chosen from the television program. New York, Citadel Press, Aug 1961; London, Digit Books, 1963.

Space Jokes: Cosmic cartoons & Martian laughs, with Dick Nelson. New York, Citadel Press, Jun 1959.

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  1. This might be her brother then:
    Her full name of birth may have been Norma Lenore Bredeson

  2. It looks very likely. Well done for helping solve this little mystery and confirming Leonore's dates.



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