Monday, November 07, 2011

The Sea Wolf part 1

A classic novel by Jack London, his follow-up to the more famous The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf is the brutal story, which London clothed with references to psychology, philosophy and evolutionary theory. The leading player, Humphrey van Weydon, is a priviledged intellectual, thrown into the hands of the cruel Wolf Larsen, who rules over his ship, The Ghost, and its crew with his fists. Van Weydon finds himself at the mercy of the pitiless, callous Captain after the ferry he was on sinks. How he eventually escapes, along with the woman he falls in love with, makes for a thrilling tale.

The artist of the strip was Bill Baker, whose career was spent mostly in girls' comics; however, he adapted well to the boys' adventure strips he drew for Look and Learn and deserves to be far better known than he is. I think there's probably only half a dozen people who even know there was a comic strip artist called Bill Baker at the moment... so let's see if we can increase his fan-base!

(* Artwork © Look and Learn Ltd. Reprinted by permission.)

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  1. you've still got 5 others to find, I know his beautifull story in the french version of Princess Tina, which was named "2 sur l'ile des Cacatoes"(in english "Two on Cockatoo" , an amazing story very well drawn telling the adventures of 2 "Robinson Crusoe" girls . unfortunately I 've never read the end of the story, owning only the first 17 issues of P. Tina ...



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