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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Graham Greene: Cover Gallery part 2

The Third Man, and The Fallen Idol. London, Heinemann, 1950; as The Third Man (without The Fallen Idol), New York, Viking Press, 1950.
Pan Books 322, 1955, 188pp. Movie tie-in.
Penguin Books 0140-03278-9, 1971. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [2nd imp.] 1973
---- [3rd imp.] 1974
---- [4th imp.] 1975, 157pp, 50p. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [5th imp.] 1976 [with revised text]
Penguin Books 0140-18533-X [xth imp.] *Twentieth-Century Classics
---- [xth imp.] 1999. Movie tie-in.
Vintage 0099-28623-8, 2001, 156pp.
---- [xth imp.] 2005, 130pp. [introduction by Ian Thomson]

The End of the Affair. London, Heinemann, 1951; New York, Viking Press, 1951.
Penguin Books 1785, 1962, 187pp, 3/6. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [xth imp.] 1966. Cover: photo
Penguin Books 0140-18495-3, 1975, 191pp. *Twentieth-Century Classics
Penguin Books 0140-01785-2 [xth imp.] 1980.
Penguin Books 0140-28736-1, 1999?, 191pp.
Vintage 0099-28605-X, 2001, 191pp.
Vintage 0099-47844-7, 2004, xiv+160pp. [introduction by Monica Ali]

Loser Takes All. London, Heinemann, 1955; New York, Viking Press, 1957.
Penguin Books 0140-03277-0, 1977,
---- [xth imp.] Cover photo by Faustino. *Twentieth-Century Classic
Vintage 0099-28622-X, 2001, 123pp.

The Quiet American. London, Heinemann, 1955; New York, Viking Press, 1956.
Penguin Books 1792, 1962, 187pp, 3/6. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [2nd imp.] 1965
---- [3rd imp.] 1967, 187pp, 3/6. Cover photo by Ronald Traeger
---- [4th imp.] 1968
---- [5th imp.] 1969. Cover by Paul Hogarth
Penguin Books 0140-01792-5 [xth imp.] 1972. as above
---- [xth imp.] 1974. Cover design by Derek Birdsall
Penguin Books 0140-18500-3, 1980, 189pp. *Twentieth-Century Classics
Vintage 0099-28607-6, 2001, 188pp.
Vintage 0099-48157-X, 2005, xi+188pp. [introduction by Zadie Smith]

Our Man in Havana. London, Heinemann, 1958; New York, Viking Press, 1958.
Penguin Books 1790, 1962, 220pp, 3/6. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [2nd imp.] 1965
---- [3rd imp.] 1967. Cover photo by Ronald Traeger
---- [4th imp.] 1968. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [5th imp.] 1969
Penguin Books 0140-01790-9, 1971, 220pp. Cover by Paul Hogarth
Vintage 0099-28608-4, 2001, 220pp.

A Burnt-Out Case. London, Heinemann, 1961; New York, Viking Press, 1961.
Penguin Books 1894, 1963
---- [2nd imp.] 1964
---- [3rd imp.] 1966
---- [4th imp.] 1968. Cover by Paul Hogarth
Penguin Books 0140-01894-8  [xth imp.] 1975.
---- [xth imp.] 1977. Cover photo by W. Eugene Smith
---- [xth imp.] 1980.
Penguin Books 0140-18539-9, 1991, 199pp. *Twentieth-Century Classics
Vintage 0099-28613-0, 2001, 208pp.
Vintage 0099-47843-9, 2004, xiii+192pp. [introduction by Giles Foden]

The Comedians. London, Bodley Head, 1966; New York, Viking Press, 1966.
Penguin Books 2766, 1967
---- [2nd imp.] 1968
Penguin Books 0140-02766-1 [3rd imp.] 1969
---- [4th imp.] 1970
---- [5th imp.] 1971
---- [6th imp.] 1973
---- [7th imp.] 1974
---- [8th imp.] 1976. Cover by Paul Hogarth
Penguin Books 0140-18494-5. *Twentieth-Century Classics
Vintage 0099-28848-6, 1999, 288pp.
Vintage 0099-47837-4, 2004, xx+292pp. [introduction by Paul Theroux]

Travels with My Aunt. London, Bodley Head, 1969; New York, Viking Press, 1970.
Penguin Books 3221 (0140-03221-5), 1971. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [2nd imp.] 1971
---- [3rd imp.] 1972. Cover: still. Movie tie-in.
---- [4th imp.] 1972. as above
---- [xth imp.] 1975. as above
---- [xth imp.] 1977
Vintage 0099-28258-5, 1999, 264pp.

The Honorary Consul. London, Bodley Head, 1973; New York, Simon and Schuster, 1973.
Penguin Books 3911, 1974. Cover by Paul Hogarth
---- [2nd imp.] 1975
---- [3rd imp.] 1975. as above
---- [xth imp.] 1980
Penguin Books 0140-18497-X. *Twentieth-Century Classics
Vintage 0099-28853-2, 1999, 265pp.
Vintage 0099-47838-2, 2004, xix+265pp. [introduction by Nicholas Shakespeare]

The Human Factor. London, Bodley Head, 1978; New York, Simon and Schuster, 1978.
Penguin Books 4956, 1978
---- [xth imp.] 1979
Penguin Books 0140-18498-8, 272pp. *Twentieth-Century Classics
Vintage 0099-28852-4, 1999, 272pp.

Doctor Fischer of Geneva; or, The Bomb Party. London, Bodley Head, 1980; New York, Simon and Schuster, 1980.
Penguin Books 0140-05588-6, 1981, 142pp. Cover by Paul Hogarth
Penguin Books 0140-18528-3, 1993, 142pp. *Twentieth-Century Classics
Vintage 0099-28849-4, 1999

Monsignor Quixote. London, Bodley Head, 1982; New York, Simon and Schuster, 1982.
Penguin Books 6597 (0140-06597-0), 1983, 255pp.
Vintage 0099-28394-8, 2000, 255pp.
---- [xth imp.] 2006.

The Tenth Man. London, Bodley Head, 1985; New York, Simon and Schuster, 1985.
Penguin Books 8260 (0140-08260-3), 1986, 143pp. Cover by Paul Hogarth
Vintage 0099-28414-6, 2000, 157pp.

The Captain and the Enemy. London, Reinhardt, 1988.
Penguin Books 0140-11304-5, 1989, 189pp.
Penguin Books 0140-18855-X, 1999, 188pp. *Twentieth-Century Classics


The Basement Room and Other Stories. London, Cresset Press, 1935.

24 Short Stories, with James Laver and Sylvia Townsend Warner. London, Cresset Press, 1939.

Nineteen Stories. London, Heinemann, 1947; New York, Viking Press, 1949; augmented edition, as Twenty-One Stories, Heinemann, 1954; Viking Press, 1962; selection, as Across the Bridge and Other Stories, Bath, Chivers, 1981.

A Visit to Morin. London, Heinemann, 1959.

A Sense of Reality. London, Bodley Head, 1963; New York, Viking Press, 1963; as Under the Garden (extract from A Sense of Reality), London, Penguin, 1995.

May We Borrow Your Husband? and Other Comedies of the Sexual Life. London, Bodley Head, 1967; New York, Viking Press, 1967.
Penguin Books, 1971.

The Collected Stories of Graham Greene. London, Bodley Head-Heinemann, 1972; New York, Viking Press, 1973.

The Portable Graham Greene, edited by Philip Stratford. New York, Viking, 1973; Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1977.
Penguin Books 0140-15075-7, 1977.
---- [2nd imp.] 1978
---- [3rd imp.] 1979
---- [4th imp.] 1981
---- [5th imp.] 1982
---- [6th imp.] 1984, 610pp, £4.95. Cover photo by Joseph Marvullo

How Father Quixote Became a Monsignor. Los Angeles, Sylvester and Orphanos, 1980.

The Last Word, and Other Stories. London and New York, Reinhardt (in association with Viking), 1990.

The Destructors. Mankato, Minnesota, Creative Education, 1990.

The End of the Party. Mankato, Minnesota, Creative Education, 1993.

No Man's Land, edited by James Sexton. Hesperus, 2005.

To Beg I Am Ashamed by Shiela Cousins.  London, George Routledge & Sons, 1938; New York, Vanguard Press, 1938. ⁂ This autobiography of prostitute "Sheila Cousins" was written by Ronald De Couves Matthews with the assistance of Greene.
Corgi Books GG937, 1960, 222pp.

The Living Room (produced London, 1953; New York, 1954 ). London, Heinemann, 1953; New York, Viking Press, 1954.
The Potting Shed (produced New York, 1957 ). New York, Viking Press, 1957; revised version (produced London, 1958 ), London, Heinemann, 1958.
The Complaisant Lover (produced London, 1959; New York, 1961 ). London, Heinemann, 1959; New York, Viking Press, 1961.
Carving a Statue (produced London, 1964; New York 1968 ). London, Bodley Head, 1964.
The Third Man: A Film, with Carol Reed. London, Lorimar Films, 1968; New York, Simon and Schuster, 1969.
Alas, Poor Maling, adaptation of his own story (televised, 1975 ). Published in Shades of Greene, London, Bodley Head-Heinemann, 1975.
The Return of A.J. Raffles: An Edwardian Comedy Based Somewhat Loosely on E.W. Hornung's Characters in "The Amateur Cracksman" (produced London, 1975 ). London, Bodley Head, 1975; New York, Simon and Schuster, 1976.
Yes and No, and For Whom the Bell Chimes (produced Leicester, 1980 ). London, Bodley Head, 1983.
The Great Jowett (broadcast, 1980 ). London, Bodley Head, 1981.
Collected Plays. London, Penguin, 1995.

The First and the Last (21 Days), 1937
The New Britain, 1940
Brighton Rock, with Terence Rattigan, 1947
The Fallen Idol, with Lesley Storm and William Templeton, 1948
The Third Man, with Carol Reed, 1950
The Stranger's Hand, with Guy Elmes and Giorgio Bassani, 1954
Loser Takes All, 1956
Saint Joan, 1957
Our Man in Havana, 1960
The Comedians, 1967.

Radio Play
The Great Jowett, 1980.

Television Play
Alas, Poor Maling, 1975.

Babbling April. Oxford, Blackwell, 1925.
For Christmas. Privately printed, 1951.


  1. I particularly like the topmost 'End of the Affair' cover; 'The Quiet Americans', particularly the first and third ones; the bottom 'Havana' cover, and the various 'Comedian' ones.
    I don't care for any of the film reproduction covers.

    I have most of these novels and for a time I splurged on Greene novels, as I have done on people like Patricia Highsmith, Jim Thompson, etc

  2. I, too, splurge (good word!) on novelists. My buying patterns are a bit random and occasionally I'll berate myself for not reading more literary novels or classics, buy a load and, usually, let them sit around unread while I bury myself in another thriller. :-)

  3. Two years ago I had promised myself I'd read 'The Brothers Karamazov' every year for the rest of my life; I broke the pledge, but if its one of those 'more literary novels' you keep passing on I'd unreservedly recommend it to you.
    And you'd be surprised at how much of a page turner it is.

    I had a root for my Greene paperbacks, but they're buried under stacks of other books and magazines, so I can't confirm whether I've any that you don't have.
    I lived in Freetown, Sierra Leone for a time, the location for his 'Heart of the Matter'.
    To describe his favourite haunt, 'The City Hotel' as a dump would be being kind to it: I couldn't imagine it ever having been better than 'seedy'

    Chester Himes is another novelist I've splurged on: he's got some great covers, also