Monday, April 25, 2011

Bill Lacey's Sinister Island

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I'm pleased to say that the proofs for Eagles Over the Western Front arrived on Saturday and, depending on how the post office are coping with deliveries over the bank holidays, the first volume should appear on time next week. (Sorry about the quality of the photos!)

It struck me that when I was writing the little bit of promo for Eagles I made very little of the talent that created the strip. Mike Butterworth and Bill Lacey get a nice big credit on the cover and volumes 2 and 3 will contain introductions which cover their careers, but I thought I'd post a couple of pages to celebrate their work that I'd spotted when I was digging around for information. First up, some pages from 'Sinister Island' from Lion in 1965. It's one of those creepy semi-horror serials that British comics did so well in the 1960s; this one appeared a few years before I got into comics and my collection of Lions from that era isn't complete, so I've never been able to read the whole strip from start to finish. Curses! You'll understand why I'd like to from the examples below. I'll post some more soon.

(Sinister Island © IPC Media; Eagles Over the Western Front © Look and Learn Ltd.)

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  1. Good stuff, Steve. Do you have the final episode?



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