Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fontana Cover Cavalcade: Eileen Walton

Today's Fontana Cover Cavalcade is an Eileen Walton special. It's unfortunate that nothing seems to be known about the talented Ms. Walton; she was a prolific cover artist for Fontana around 1960-61 and produced two known covers for Digit Books in 1963-64. Jamie Sturgeon (whose name pops up regularly here on Bear Alley), has a flickr gallery of some of Eileen Walton's dustjacket artwork from various hardcover publishers, including Arthur Barker (fl. 1960-61), Hammond Hammond (fl. 1963), Jarrolds (fl. 1964-65) and Robert Hale (fl. 1965-91).

Beyond her covers, the only thing known about Eileen Walton is that she is the sister of Barbara Walton, another talented book cover artist who has worked for Collins (fl. 1960-69), John Long (fl. 1962-68), Robert Hale (fl. 1963-2006), W. H. Allen (fl. 1964-66) and Ward Lock (fl. 1967-68). Jamie's flickr gallery for Barbara Walton can be found here.

The Foolish Gentlewoman by Margery Sharp
Fontana Books 420, 1960. Cover by Eileen Walton

If Death Ever Slept by Rex Stout
Fontana Books 454, 1960. Cover by Eileen Walton

The Stone of Chastity by Margery Sharp
Fontana Books 532, 1961. Cover by Eileen Walton

Dunkerleys by Howard Spring
Fontana Books 588, 2nd imp., 1961. Cover by Eileen Walton

The Notorious Lady Castlemain by Olivia Leigh
Digit Books R664, 1963. Cover by Eileen Walton

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