Monday, January 10, 2011

Comic Cuts - 10 January 2011

A quick note from me: I've only just had a chance to update and post the Recent Releases and Upcoming Releases columns, which haven't appeared since the beginning of last month. Hopefully I'm back on track with them.

This time round there are some additional titles from Rebellion (up to September) and some juggling from Titan, whose Johnny Red: Falcon's First Flight volume is definitely due to appear shortly after a long, long wait. Copies of the book exist, so if you haven't ordered it yet, order it now!

I've been asked about the announcement of Heros the Spartan, but at the moment I don't have any further information other than that the ISBN has been registered and Amazon are pretty quick to update their site with newly registered books.

It's also worth noting that Century 21: Classic Comic Strips from the Worlds of Gerry Anderson Vol.5 seems to be back on the schedule for April. This was delayed following the closure of Reynolds & Hearn and may now carry another imprint, but at the moment it's credited to R&H at Amazon.

One last thing, as we're talking about comic reprints. Commando is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011 and will have a year-long series of classic reprints of early issues. The latest releases include The Desperate Days which was originally Commando #12, and it looks pretty darn splendid in its original Ken Barr cover. If you want to relive your childhood reading and support the only British adventure comic to have survived since the 1960s, pick up a Commando... and if you can't find them in the shops, you can always order directly from the new Commando webite, which has a few interesting new features and also offers a digital subscription.


  1. Regarding Heros, it seetms the format can be a little problematic:

    "One problem with reprinting Heros is its format: it appeared stretched across the centrespread of the tabloid sized Eagle comic, treating the whole area as a single page. The landscape pages of Frank Miller’s 300 - a story and format inspired by Heros - are not much more than a quarter of that size.

    If my quick calculations are right, all of Heros the Spartan would fit on to only about 100 big, wide pages. Even at 360mm by 580mm, that needn’t be a wrist breaker."

    Now, will Titan dare to do justice to the work with a big landscape format? Especially considering there are pages not in that format:

    Although I think they're not by Bellamy but by other artist. Will Titan reprint only the Bellamy stuff?

    Questions, questions...

  2. Drinedge,

    I agree that the formatting could be a problem, and this has been the excuse for not publishing Heros whenever I've discussed it in the past with people in publishing.

    I guess the big question is: is any Heros reprint better than no Heros reprint at all?



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