Saturday, November 14, 2009

Comic Cuts - 14 November

I've spent most of the week on Eagles Over The Western Front and as of this moment I've about twenty or so pages to go, plus most of the original artwork. It's a slow process: I wouldn't call what I'm doing "restoration" as I'm not redrawing anything, but there are a lot of print errors that need to be fixed—ink splashes and smears, ghosting from over-inked images on the reverse of pages, poor lettering and a few etceteras that I'm tidying up.

A quick bit of news relevant to Bear Alley. There is now an official Peter Elson website, featuring some 300 pieces by one of my favourite cover artists. I've featured a couple of pieces of Peter's work in past galleries. Now you can see a great many of his best covers scanned directly from the original artwork. Go visit. You won't regret it.

Next week, more "Ben-Hur", more work on Eagles, more book cover scanning and hopefully a couple of extra posts as I've been cobbling together some bits 'n' bobs while I've been going through a couple of shelves of old Digit paperbacks (you may have noticed quite a few Digit titles appearing here the last week or two) and having a bit of a tidy up. I'm also working on the next batch of comic novelisations and tie-ins, so it's going to be a busy week.

(* Original artwork for The Power of Blackness by Jack Williamson by Peter Elson. I remember buying this when it came out in 1978, published by Sphere. The book disappeared years ago, probably borrowed by someone and not returned, but I still remember that cover. Artwork © Estate of Peter Elson.)

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