Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comic Cuts - 23 October 2009

I'm writing this at 11:07 pm... at 11:03 I ran a spell-checker over the last, the very last, review I have to write for Essential Cult Books. What cover scans I can do have been done, the master file has been updated and that's my job finished.

And I'll add that it was finished against all the odds: Tuesday we had a slight plumbing problem when the tap in the kitchen started spraying hot water everywhere; on Wednesday my computer picked up a nasty virus and I had to shut it down until it could be fixed; spent that whole evening updating and upgrading every programme; and this morning, just when I thought I'd finished, I discovered that one long essay marked as done hadn't been done. If you heard some cursing around 1 o'clock, that was me.

As I write this, the final batch of titles is winging its way via e-mail to the publisher. There... it's gone!

Next week I'm looking forward to some mindless scanning. We should also have Eagles Over the Western Front back as our regular strip. Hopefully I'll have time to put something together for this weekend, although my planned day off (today) didn't quite turn out that way, so I'll have to dig around and see what I can find to post.

That's all... I'm off to bed.

(* I snapped this gorgeous original page of Oliver Frey artwork last week when I was visiting a friend in London. I just had to share it.)

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