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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Comic Cuts

I've spent most of the day updating the 'Comics Bibliography'... and haven't even got half way through the revamp. The reason for the revamp was that the lists were getting a little unwieldy and boring to look at. I'll spice them up with some pictures, I thought. That won't take long.


Once it's done it will be a lot more colourful and easy to navigate, broken down into nice user-friendly chunks. Also a lot easier for me to link to updates so people don't have to trawl through the whole thing to get to where they want to be. Until then it'll be a bit of a mess.

I've done a couple of sections if you want to take a look -- Reference Books and Reprint Collections -- but everything else can still be found here. I've added quite a lot of new titles to the Reference section. Now all I've got to do is (a) finish the rest of the lists and (b) figure out why the Jackie reprints aren't in the D C Thomson section where they were supposed to be.


A day after I said that all my various book projects were in that limbo between completion and publication or waiting on various bits of information before I can finish them off, one of them turned up. The new Trigan Empire Collection has winged (wung?) its way from Holland. The Puppet Emperor is the ninth volume we've completed and number ten is well under way. You can order the book from the publisher via the Don Lawrence Collection's Worlds of Don Lawrence website.

Not much time for cruising around for news so I've only found one item of interest...

* Joe Gordon reviews the new Virgin Comics' Dan Dare at the Forbidden Planet International blog (2 December).

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