Monday, October 22, 2007

Comic Cuts

No posts over the weekend due to trying to catch up on some sleep (Saturday) and scanning like it was going out of fashion (Sunday) for a future index update to Knockout. Spent today scanning, too, but for completely different reasons. There might even be one or two blog posts amongst the scans.

As I've no news worth mentioning, here's some news from elsewhere...

* Lew Stringer's Blimey! carries the good news that Terry Bave is still alive and well despite his death being reported in Crikey! issue 2. Lew quotes Steve Bright who posted a note to the Comics UK Forum reporting that "It sounds like Terry saw the funny side of it thankfully." These things happen: I wrote a piece for Jeff Hawke's Cosmos a couple of years ago which included a thank you to "the late" John Lawrence. Both John and I were quite surprised to hear that he'd died... I suspect the editor was mixing up John with Don Lawrence (who was, indeed, "late"). Editor Brian Clarke has posted a note saying that the news of Terry's demise had come from "a friend of ours who is a comics fan" who told him a few days before the issue went to print that Terry had recently died.

* Neil Gaiman is the subject of an interview 'The man who turns fantasy into reality' by Ian Burrell in The Indendent (22 October).

* Posy Simmonds is 'The invisible woman' according to Sabine Durrant in The Sunday Telegraph (21 October).

* Albert Uderzo is interviewed in 'The vital statistics of Asterix' by Mario Cacciottolo (BBC News, 18 October).

* The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre at BICS. (link via Forbidden Planet International blog)


  1. Hi Steve,good to hear you are back on track with the indices.Or am I wrong? @-)Also if interested,I have named some strips for The Spellbinder specials and annuals over at
    plus of course the Adam Eterno ones.It would be an honour if you'd use them in any future index project update...which is being screamed out to be done.Just check out ComicsUK forum where people are asking where they can get reference and index material from.Your audience awaits!

  2. Hi Captain,

    I'm hopeful that we can do a couple a year at least. The next will be The Thriller Index (Thriller, Cowboy and Super Detective libraries) and, after that, a third volume covering the rest of the libraries. There's no schedule for the others. The problem is, as a small publisher of limited editions, we've got to be a little cautious; we've got to sell a few more copies of the War Libraries before the next index comes out or we'll go into financial meltdown.

    But the little audience we have for these things can rest assured that we're working on them.



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