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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Jack Vance Cover Gallery

The following is a selection of covers from British paperbacks for the late Jack Vance. It's far from complete but I'll hopefully add to it over time.

The Star King
Panther 2476, 1968, 206pp.
Grafton 0586-02476-X, 1988, 204pp.

The Dying Earth
Mayflower 583-12091-1, 1972, 140pp, 25p.

The Dragon Masters
Mayflower 583-12100-4, 1972, 122pp, 30p.

The Eyes of the Overworld
Mayflower 583-12127-6, 1972, 173pp, 30p.

Son of the Tree
Mayflower 583-12305-8, 1974, 128pp, 30p.

The Five Gold Bands
Mayflower 583-12306-6
Granada 0583-12306-6, 1980, 138pp.

The Languages of Pao
Mayflower 583-12307-4, 1974, 157pp, 35p.

The Houses of Iszm
Mayflower 583-12308-2, 1974, 126pp, 30p.

City of The Chasch
Mayflower 583-12340-6, 1974, 172pp, 40p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

Servants of The Wankh
Mayflower 583-12341-4, 1975, 159pp, 40p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

The Dirdir
Mayflower 583-12342-2, 1975, 158pp, 40p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

The Pnume
Mayflower 583-12343-0, 1976, 155pp, 50p. Cover by Peter Goodfellow

The Anome
Coronet 0340-19827-3, 1975, 206pp, 50p. Cover by Jim Burns

The Brave Free Men
Coronet 0340-19828-1, 1975, 224pp, 50p. Cover by Jim Burns

The Asutra
Coronet 0340-19830-3, 1975, 187pp, 50p. Cover by Jim Burns

The Gray Prince
Coronet 0340-20820-1, 1976, 173pp, 60p.

Big Planet
Coronet 0340-21251-9, 1977, 158pp, 65p.

Showboat World
Coronet 0340-21252-7, 1977, 171pp, 65p. Cover by Jim Burns

Marune: Alastor 993
Coronet 0340-22950-0, 1978, 174pp, 75p

Slaves of the Klau
Coronet 0340-24874-2, 1980, 126pp.

The Face
Coronet 0340-26666-X, 1981, 224pp.
Grafton 0586-07310-8, 1988, 271pp. Cover by Chris Foss

Maske: Thaery
Fontana 5093 (0005-15093-4), 1978, 215pp, 75p. Cover by Peter Tybus

The Narrow Land
Coronet 0340-34920-4, 1984, 176pp.

Panther/Grafton 0586-06027-8, 1984, xi+436pp.
Gollancz 0575-07374-8 (Fantasy Masterworks 27), xi+436pp.
Gollancz 0575-08271-2, 2008, 488pp.

Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl
Grafton 0586-06751-5, 1986, 407pp.

Lyonesse III: Madouc
Grafton 0586-20450-4, 1991, 544pp.

Lyonesse: The Green Pearl and Madouc
Gollancz 0575-07517-1 (Fantasy Masterworks 35), 2003, 776pp.

The Complete Lyonesse
Gollancz 978-0575-09025-5, 2010.

The Killing Machine
Grafton 0586-07308-6, 1988, 206pp. Cover by Chris Foss

Araminta Station
New English Library 0450-49733-X, 1988, 480pp.

The Dark Side of the Moon
New English Library 0450-50257-0, 1989.

New English Library 0450-59425-4, 1994, 298pp.

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janluc said...

very good work for this Vance cover gallery/ pictures are perfect.