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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Comic World cover gallery part 1

A long, long time ago in a town not so far away, I edited a magazine called Comic World, which ran for about three and a half years. I've done an awful lot since - I worked in magazine editorial for nearly ten years and have since written and edited books for quite a few different publishers - but a lot of people still remember me from that magazine.

I was very proud of Comic World, but sometimes you have to put your favourite things away and move on with your life, which is what happened with Comic World. When it folded in 1994, I put whatever copies I had in boxes and shoved them up in the loft. We were working on two other monthly magazines at that time and there wasn't much time for sentimentality... and, frankly, we didn't have the space with two of us working from home.

When we moved last year, everything from the attic was chain-ganged out and straight into the removal van. Then shoved into the new house. I won't go back over the various problems we had during the second half of last year but suffice to say that there were (and, I must admit, still are) a lot of boxes that were squirreled away without being unpacked.

A couple of months ago, I started sorting some of them out and, ta da, rediscovered about five boxes of various issues. I've managed to make up a set of them for myself and shoved them onto the scanner.

So, over the next few days I'm featuring the complete run of Comic Collector / Comic World covers. At some point I'll get around to revealing the history (thoroughly biased and self-centred) of the magazine, but there are a couple of odd things I want to find before I start. For now, I hope some of you will enjoy seeing the covers again and some of you younger readers might enjoy seeing what we was going on in the world of comics nearly twenty years ago.

I have some spares of some issues (unfortunately, not every issue, but around 36 of the 43). £3 each plus p&p. If you're interested, let me know at the e-mail address you'll find to the left, under the photo. Please note that I'm running very low on some numbers - I have less than 5 copies for over half of the remaining run.

Sold Out
Sold Out


Kid said...

I've still got the 1st issue and maybe one or two others. It was hard to find in my neck of the woods. Whether that was down to selling out fast or newsagents not bothering to re-order, I'll never know.

Mike said...

Looks like it was nicely varied, with stuff from all over the world and would even, shockingly, not always have Marvel and DC on the cover!