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Thursday, June 24, 2010

More sale books

A few more books that I'm reluctantly letting go as I try to clear some shelf space before we move house. All prices exclude postage & packing (1 book works out at around £3 for inland UK, although some may be heavier and a little more expensive).

I also have loads of early issues of Wizard and Hero Illustrated tucked away in a box that I've yet to get to. A bit of comics' history. If anyone's interested, drop me a line at the address top left (below the photo).

The Beano and The Dandy: Focus on the Fifties (D. C. Thomson, 2004). £5

Margot in Badtown by Charyn & Frezzato (Northampton, MA, Tundra, 1991). £10. SOLD

The Forever War 3 by Marvano (New York, NBM, 1991). £10

Roach Killer by Tardi-Legrand (New York, NBM, 1992). £5. SOLD

Aquablue by Thierry Caileteau & Olivier Vatine (Milwaukie, Dark Horse, 1989). £5

Norb by Daniel Pinkwater & Tony Auth (Seattle, MU Press, 1992). £30

Good Taste Gone Bad: The "Art" of Mitch O'Connell (Chicago, Good Taste Products, 1993). £10

Space Dog by Hendrik Dorgathen (London, Andre Deutsch, 1993). £5

Dan Dare: Rogue Planet (Dragon's Dream, 1980). £20

Official Overstreet Price Guide 18th edition (1988) includes interview with Siegel & Shuster. £5.

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 21st edition (1991) includes article 1941: Comic Books Go to War!. £5

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 22nd edition (1992) includes articles on Spider-Man and Atlas Fantasy. £5

Overstreet Comic Books Price Guide 23rd edition (1993) includes articles on Green Lantern and Flash. £5

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 24th edition (1994) includes articles on X-Men and Challengers of the Unknown. £5

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 25th Anniversary Edition (1995) includes article A Century of Comics. £5

Comics Values Annual (1992). £2

Comics Values Annual 1993-94 (1993). £2

Some items previously listed are still for sale. I also have some Comic Journals still up for grabs here, including issues with interviews with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, MAD magazine artists, etc.

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