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Monday, May 03, 2010

W. R. Hutton

W. Richard Hutton seems to have begun writing shortly after the end of the Second World War and found immediate success writing Crime and Western novels for Hamilton & Co., who published eight books in six months. A rather more substantial series appeared from Piccadilly Novles who published a run of murder mysteries featuring Detective Inspector Goldie of Scotland Yard.

Hutton had two hardcover Western novels published in 1950 by Quality Press but seems to have disappeared soon after that, perhaps into pseudonymous anonymity. I haven't been able to discover anything about his life outside of the 22 novels listed below.

He does, however, seem to have had connections with Bristol. Apart from two editions of Arrowsmith’s Guide to the City and County of Bristol, he also wrote the introduction to a slim book about artist and philosopher George Melhuish (1916-1985) published by Bristol-based Rankin Bros. in 1946. Hutton was the honorary secretary of the Bristol Writers' and Artists' Association writers' collective (chairman Leslie Urquhart-White), who published a miscellany of prose and verse entitled Bristol Packet around 1945.

Dead Man’s Range. London, Hamiltons, Jun 1946.
Sinister Mistress. London, Hamilton, 1946.
Trigger Fever. London, Hamilton, Nov 1946.
Riders of the Bar X. London, Hamiltons, Dec 1946.
Rustlers of the Night. London, Hamiltons, Dec 1946.
Valley of Death (by Richard Hutton). London, Hamiltons, Dec 1946.
Broadway Racket. London, Hamiltons, Dec 1946.
Dead Men Tell (by Johnnie James). London, Grant Hughes, Dec 1946.
Enduring Passion. London, Hamiltons, Apr 1947.
Not A Dog’s Chance. London, Piccadilly Novels, Sep 1947.
Death At the Golden Cockerel. London, Piccadilly Novels, Jan 1948.
Death Of A Wide-Boy. London, Piccadilly Novels, Apr 1948.
Rough Riders. London, Grant Hughes, 1948.
Death At the Drome. London, Piccadilly Novels, Jul 1948.
Outlaw’s Town. Glasgow, Muir-Watson, Apr 1949.
Murder In Transit. London, Piccadilly Novels, Apr 1949.
Outlaw of Lost Canyon. London, Grant Hughes, Jun 1949.
Colt Justice. London, Grant Hughes, Oct 1949.
Injun Brand. London, Hamilton, May 1950.
A Gun Totin’ Hombre. London, Quality, Oct 1950.
Arapaho Charlie. London, Quality, Dec 1950.
Gunslinger’s Luck. London, Hamiltons, Sep 1951.

George Melhuish, with an introduction by W. Richard Hutton. Bristol, Rankin Bros., 1946.
Arrowsmith’s Guide to the City and County of Bristol, 1946-1947. Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith, 1946.
Arrowsmith’s Guide to the City and County of Bristol, 1947-1948. Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith, 1947.

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